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The American Sacred Fruit

From the beginning of time people have deemed certain plants and fruits as having extraordinary characteristics and as sacred. Generally it is accepted that anything of a religious nature is sacred, when not connected to religion sacred is anything possessing special properties. In Christianity we hear mention of the tree of good and evil (the forbidden fruit) and of the tree of life; which was guarded by cherubim with flaming swords.

The Bible makes several other references. For example Rachel believed that mandrake would make her fertile and thus enable her to conceive the child she longed for. It is alluded that King Solomon used mandrake as well to cast out demons. Although it is possible that the mandrake could not and can not eradicate infertility and that Rachel's usage of it was an act of personal belief; King Solomon's use of it speaks of mandrake as the go to plant. Likewise, during the Middle Ages mandrake was used as a cure, as an anesthetic; in magical terms it made flying possible.

"Mediterranean gold" also known as olive oil, was used by Mythical gods. Olive oil played an important role in the Greek economy as it was used as a light source. The Greeks also valued it for its nutritional value and curative properties, but beyond this they accredit it with a quality of purity, and a vehicle of purification. It was used religiously as a healing balm.

In the Americas the native peoples also had their sacred plants and fruits. The Mayas had the Ceiba or Yaxche tree which they taught was the doorway to the underworld and the sky. Undoubtedly the earth provides nutritional plants and trees necessary for the sustenance of men; in like manner the earth provides for the other necessities of men.

The Mapuches credited the food of the earth for their great strength. Particularly the maqui berry, which was said to give warriors supernatural powers bordering on the magical. The Mapuches go down in history as one of the native American peoples who conquistadors were unable to conquer. Inca warriors and Spanish conquistadors were no match for the people of the land. Maqui berry has been used for centuries as a symbol of strength, in sacred ceremonies, for its curative properties and highly regarded for it nutritional content.

It wasn't until recently that the Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) deemed maquiberry as the best super fruit, better than acai, mangosteen, and noni, whereas the Mapuches have treasured the maqui berry for centuries; including it in religious ceremonies. Thus this fruit has been used ceremoniously as a symbol of power, good health, energy, strength and courage for the Mapuche warriors. The maqui berry use in religious worship cemented the belief that the earth, when revered, will unleash rare powers for the deliverance and protection of man.

Partaking of Maqui berry Mapuche traditionally links you to ancestral guardians and reconnects you to mother earth.

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