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Drink Ionized Alkaline Water and Enjoy a Healthy Life

Natural water contains both hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions. A balance of these two ions makes the water to be neutral. An increase in the hydrogen ions makes the water acidic while an increase in the hydroxide ions makes the water alkaline. This water is endowed with a myriad of benefits. You can enjoy these benefits by converting your tap water at home to ionized alkaline water.

Tap water can be converted to ionized alkaline water by passing it through a water ionizer. When tap water is introduced to a water ionizer, it is first filtered to remove all the dirt then passed through electrodes where an electric charge is applied. The electric charge transforms the water molecules both structurally and electrically. The water that comes out of the water ionizer is cleaner and good for your health.
Below are some of the benefits one can enjoy from drinking ionized alkaline water:

• Reduction of gout pain
Alkaline water can easily eliminate gout pain. This does not occur instantly but it occurs after frequent use of this water. Gout is formed when there is a high accumulation of uric acid in the body. Crystallized uric acid is responsible for the gout flare one experiences on the feet when suffering from gout. Drinking alkaline water raises the pH of the body and neutralizes most of the uric acid preventing the formation of uric acid crystals. The neutralized uric acid is removed as waste through urine and sweat. Without the crystallized uric acid crystals, it is not possible for you to experience a gout flare.

• Helps in weight loss
Acidity in the human body leads to weight gain since the body is not functioning well. A pH below 7.0 contributes to poor metabolism of fats leading to weight gain. A pH ranging from 7.0 to 7.4 is the right alkaline pH that ensures the body functions well. This pH contributes to better metabolism of fats and other foods leading to weight loss. You can achieve this pH in your body by drinking this water. Maintaining an alkaline pH improves your general health.

• Helps to fight cancer
Cancer in the body is mainly triggered by lack of oxygen in the blood and the body being acidic. In fact cancerous cells multiply faster in an acidic condition. If your body has a pH lower than 7.0 then you are providing the perfect condition for the thriving of cancerous cells. Drinking this water raises the pH of your body and obliterates the perfect body condition where cancer would have thrived. Keeping our body alkalized all the times diminishes the probability of suffering from cancer.

• Help reduce hypertension
When a person takes regular deep breaths before checking the blood pressure, the blood pressure tends to be closer to normal compared to when a person takes the blood pressure without taking a deep breath. Poor oxygen supply in the blood can easily lead to hypertension. The oxygen supply has a connection to the pH in your body. Acidic conditions especially in the blood results in poor supply of oxygen. Having good supply oxygen in your body makes the body to have an alkaline pH. Alkaline water helps keep the system alkaline which enhances a better supply of oxygen reducing the chances of suffering from hypertension.

• Better hydration
Alkaline water is more hydrating compared to regular tap water. During the process of conversion of tap water to alkaline water, the shape of the water molecules are slightly changed. The molecules obtain a hexagonal configuration with the size being smaller compared to normal water molecules. This small water molecules can now easily penetrate the body tissues keeping the body well hydrated and more detoxified.

These are some of the numerous benefits you can enjoy if you start drinking ionized alkaline water. Buy a water ionizer and start restoring your body to its perfect health.

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