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Bring Back the Memories With Popcorn and Candyfloss

We all love the fun of the fair, no matter what age we are. When we smell that gorgeous melted sugar fragrance wafting through the air we are almost immediately transported back to our childhood. Remembering golden days which seemed to last forever. Going on rides and eating hotdogs. For many people however candyfloss and popcorn are the true reminders of yesterday.

Candyfloss is a type of spun sugar which looks like a big cloud on a stick and which is usually pink in colour. However candyfloss can technically be any colour considering that it is white in its natural state and it gets its characteristic pink hue through the use of food colouring.

Candyfloss is loved the world over by young kids and big kids alike. Various different countries have their own versions of the sweet treat which is called Pashmak by the Persians and Pismaniye by the Turkish. It must be noted that the Turkish version is made with both sugar and flour.

The machine spun candyfloss which we know and love was invented in the late 1800's and was first marketed as Fairy Floss. Immediately the idea and business took off but it was not until the 1970s that the candyfloss machines which we know and love were created and sold to shops and fairs.

Candyfloss is so loved and enjoyed that there is even a full day dedicated to it in the United States. National Cotton Candy Day is held every December 7.

Another sweet treat which we all know and love is popcorn. Nowadays you can buy home candyfloss and popcorn makers however nothing tastes as good as the ones bought from the cinema or the fair. A visit to the cinema is never complete without a big bag of popcorn. Usually popcorn comes in two different varieties, sweet or salted. Many people have very strong preferences with regards to which is their favourite and it is rare for an individual to enjoy both.

Popcorn can actually be a very healthy snack even though you might not expect this to be the case. Being high in fibre and very low in fat, popcorn is the snack of choice for the health conscious individual.

Popcorn has been eaten for thousands of years which has been proven by the discovery of some popcorn in caves in New Mexico and which is believed to be over 5,000 years old! In fact the Native American peoples have a long history of eating the stuff and it is said that they believed that in each and every kernel there lived a spirit. The Native American tribes flavoured their popcorn a little differently than we do today. They used dried spices, herbs and some historians believe that they also used chilli which must have made for an amazing taste. Native Americans also used popcorn in their clothing to make elaborate headdresses and used popping corn to make beer and soup amongst other things.

It is widely believed that Christopher Columbus should be taking the credit for introducing popcorn to us in Europe as long ago as the 15th century. Thank goodness that he did or our fast food society would look very different indeed!

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