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History of a Chefs Uniform

We have all seen chefs when they are attired in crisp white fresh linen uniform and know how healthy and clean it looks. It inspires confidence in us as diners when we see that a chef has taken care with his or her appearance and the uniform is sparklingly clean. It matches the confidence we are likely to feel in the way he prepares the food, the standard and attention to detail. This in turn is going to automatically reflect a feeling of confidence in the expertise, craftsmanship, creativity and ability if the chef. If we are going to eat the food he has prepared then we want to feel assured of its quality and freshness. We also want to feel assurance about the way it is prepared and served. If chef's whites look classy, it somehow matches a wealth of culinary expertise, tradition and training.

The uniform for chefs is traditionally white and this helps to avoid wearing stained or grubby clothes so that when walking to and from the kitchens, if you pass public areas, diners can easily see that the uniform has been freshly laundered for each day. It is also easier for chefs to detect when a spillage or stain has occurred. White is also a colour that will reflect or repel heat more easily and help chef's to keep cool in what is traditionally a hot, busy environment, working in catering kitchens. However, more recently other colours for chefs' apparel have come on the market, spanning a wide spectrum. The theory here is that food stains that occur on the day of wear whilst the clothes are fresh can be more easily hidden from direct view. Black and brown may be seen nowadays and there is a solution to the problem of heat. In view of the hot, often stifling environments with ovens and cooking equipment giving out a lot of heat and steam, the uniforms are being made with under arm ventilation. These help to alleviate sweating and feeling hot and sticky in a kitchen environment so that a chef can work more comfortably. This is particularly important where a shift in a venue like a large hotel could be long and tiring.

A professional chef is likely to want to have his uniform made bespoke or customized to fit him or her and their particular specifications and measurements. Yet, the jackets and trousers have changed little over the years and jackets are usually more like tunics which are double breasted.

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