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Read More About the Popular American Sweets

America is also well-known for its share of confectioneries. Sweets are one of the choicest food items liked by many. They are imported to European and Eastern countries on a large scale. They are available in a wide variety of flavors, sizes, and shapes. Sweets and confectionaries of a certain place hold a part of its culture. That is why we always bring back sweets while returning from a vacation. Now, with the expansion of online market it has become more than easy to buy sweets from all parts of the world. Here we will try to list some of the popular confectionaries that you can get in America.

The famous Jolly Ranchers is a much liked confectionary in America. This sweet belongs to the hard candy category. They are very famous that people often hear mentioning them in films and sitcoms. Jolly Ranchers come in a bag with different flavors. The flavors include that of fruits like blue raspberry, apple, watermelon, cherry, and grape. Jolly Ranchers can also be bought in the form of lollipops. It is also available in good assortments like that of cherry, apple, watermelon, and lemonade.

Another famous sweet from the hard candy category is Wonka Nerds. This American sweet is famous in European countries. Many are familiar with the term Wonka. Wonka Nerds come in small boxes assorted in a combination of two different flavors. This includes names like watermelon and cherry, Amped Apple and Lightning Lemon, Strawberry and Grape etc. There are double dipped varieties like 'Apple Watermelon and Lemonade Wild cherry'. They are smaller than Jolly Ranchers, but there are big Wonka Nerds with jellybean center and hard shell outer covering.

Another one of America's own chocolate sweet is Pretzel Flipz. It is commonly known as Pretzels. Pretzels are small bread like snack dipped in Chocolate. The chocolate used in Pretzel Flipz are of different variety, thus adding to the variety in taste and color. The chocolate covering can be of white fudge or dark milk chocolate. Laffy Taffy is another sweet which comes under the category of sweet candy. They are having a soft bar like shape with different kinds of flavor. They are available in flavors like mystery swirl, sour apple, strawberry, raspberry, mango, grape, banana, and melon. These are only some of the very few sweets in a long list of American confectionaries. You can log onto one of the online stores for availing them at your door steps.

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