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How to Reprogram the Brain So As to Stop Food Cravings?

We are addicted to food, but you can learn to control the desire of the brain to absorb continuous high-calorie food. With a little willingness and perseverance each of us can succeed.

Food cravings are in our genes. For a long time encoded in our brain is the need for continuous eating. It originates from a time when man had to hunt and gather food to survive. Continuous brain willing to absorb high-calorie, fatty foods has become a mechanism for survival, without which our ancestors would not have been able to keep the excess fat, which is necessary for the survival of poorer times. This system worked perfectly for a long time, but today, in the era of the wide availability of food is the cause of disease and obesity. This is because the brain does not evolve as quickly as the environment. This body has evolved over 2.5 million years, and with the exception of the last ten thousand years people ate only animals and plants that were able to gather and hunt. Today we have access to a variety of foods, while not burn as many calories as our ancestors, because we have so many problems with maintaining proper body shape. Our ancestors took about 60% of the calories from the meals of meat, such as muscle meat, fat, and organs, and a further 40% of the food plant. The problem lies in the balance between these two components - protein and carbohydrates. Despite popular belief, carbohydrates are the most important nutrient, if you want to be healthy, and when you want to lose weight. However, remember that you can not put in their diets for empty carbohydrates, such as donuts and candy. Instead, you should reach for the products of plant origin. Our ancestors ate fruits, tubers, seeds and nuts, and that such products should be included in the daily diet. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and they take longer to digest, so you slowly increase the level of sugar in the blood.

Unfortunately, today, nearly 60% of the calories come from products that were unknown to our ancestors. They are mostly simple carbohydrates, which your brain sees a chance for a quick supply of energy, but they are just not healthy for our body. The result is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.Simple carbohydrates, or those in the oil refined, sugary drinks and sauces are quickly processed by the body, and thus almost immediately flow from the intestines into the bloodstream. This results in a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. In response, the body releases insulin which helps sugar molecules to penetrate into the cells, which in turn is necessary to restore the body to balance the sugar.Too many simple sugars in the diet increases the production of insulin by the body. The cells gradually become resistant to the action, which also leads to increased amounts of the hormone in the blood. Such a process can lead to the disease known as insulin resistance, which is one of the causes of diabetes.Three ways to reprogram the brain to stop your brain from making poor dietary choices, you should adhere to three basic principles:

First Align the level of sugar in the blood.

This is a very important step, because the fluctuations cause cravings, not necessarily healthy for our body. When you feel hungry between meals, do not silence him anything - choose more healthy proteins, such as seeds or nuts.

Second Eliminate from the diet liquid calories and artificial sweeteners.

Sodas are full of chemicals and corn syrup, which is rich in fructose. Fruit juices are drinks in cartons that are virtually flooded with sugar. Therefore, to drink water, try to choose, the best non-carbonated. You can also easily reach the green tea, rich in chemicals of plant origin.

3rd For breakfast choose a high-quality protein.

In fact, the protein should be included in every meal, but it is usually impossible to achieve, because if you choose, put a healthy breakfast. You can eat eggs, nuts and seeds, peanut butter and a variety of cocktails. This will help you lose weight and reduce cravings during the day and burn calories.

We can not control our genes, but we can easily control what we eat. With a little willpower and perseverance, we can trick our brain and begin to control his food cravings. Worth a try!

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